Wife Went from Wanting to not Have Much to Do with Her Husband to Being Naked with Coffee Delivery

Rocking it as usual and staying in the realm of commitments and not feelings!

Speaking of feelings…anger is one of them.

It is an immediate shift and impact on your wife when you do emotional work and let go of anger.

Check this out…

This TBH member’s wife went from wanting to not have much to do with her husband to being naked with coffee delivery for him and kissing in public?

How crazy is that? WTF?

Huge wins today.

I have been working on a few things that have been bugging me. Emotional work. So here it goes

Because of my emotional work wife was naked in front of me and no nervousness. I could tell she felt different around me as well as she had a conversation with me while naked!!!

So we teach and she had a half day today. She surprised me at my school with a coffee actually freaked me out a bit. And I just got the kids working on an assignment. I was like hi happy to see you and she was like is it because of the coffee or me and I said because of you! She gave me a huge smile and I asked her about her day and just shared for a while I asked her questions and she shared more. Tons of eye contact and smiles it was great interaction. She left and gave me a big kiss in front of my students and huge test for me as I never like doing that and she knows that.

Few teachers I work with were like you seem so happy and you just seem different and I said thanks. Kept it simple. So were down about the start of the school and gave them my context about the school year and mine for everyday while waking in the building and they were like that is always positive energy and said I know right. It is all about the context on a situation.

I was high confidence all day. I kept going over my internal wins and celebrating.

I know those are external wins but I would not have these without what I have been doing and the tools I have been implementing. I have done this work for me and am motivated to be a better version on me for my family. I see the light at the end of the tunnel and I am proud of the path I am taking.

Winning in the D!!!!! Woohooo!!!! – with John Scannell and 52 others.

But the coolest of all are these facts:

  • He gets the difference between internal and external wins
  • Nothing changed in his wife, he simply worked on himself which is causing a shift in his wife
  • He is leading the wife back to him vs forcing or manipulating her back
  • He no longer gets triggered and angry

His focus on emotional work and letting go of anger is literally transforming his marriage because HE IS TRANSFORMING HIMSELF.

Do you get that?

Do you get that you have way more control in how your marriage ends up than you thought?

When you deal with anger responsibly, a 50 to gorilla gets off your back.

You feel lighter. You feel happier. You feel confident. You feel free.

How much does feeling like the above EVERYDAY worth to you?

$10 a day… $100 a day… $1,000 a day… $10,000 a day… $100,000 a day… $1,000,000 a day… priceless?


What if I told you for $10/day you can feel all of the above awesomeness? … EVERYDAY!

That’s a no-brainer brother… let’s make this happen for you together!!

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