Wife puts separation on hold…in just 6 weeks

Where are you with anger and frustration?

  • Is it controlling you?
  • Are you a victim of it?
  • Do you have any excuses for it?

Please, please, pretty please…get the tools to make sure you stay in control and solid.

Anger damages not only your marriage but the role model image you demonstrate to your child.

And it damages you because you know not to be that way yet shit hits the fan and you go crazy.

Like a pressure cooker.
You keep holding stuff down and eventually you blow up.

Sounds familiar?

No way to sustain that and be happy.

When you do get in control this is what’s possible:

I got the slap in March 2021 and she filed for separation in October. I started TBH about 6 weeks ago and I did a check in with my wife on Saturday, after getting some direction from my tribe, you all. The check in seemed to go OK and this evening she informed me she is putting the separation on hold. She is not withdrawing it but she seems to like what she is seeing so far. She said it is on hold pending how things progress with TBH. She was also in a better mood than I have seen since the slap. For me, TBH is for life. One step at a time, one day at a time but for this evening, a celebration of a step in the right direction.

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