Wife and Daughter Moved back After 5 Weeks in TBH

Huge win for one of our members! The wife ends the separation after a total of 9 weeks, and 5 weeks after starting the Bulletproof Husband™ program.

My wife and daughter moved back home last night. 9 weeks post slap. 5 weeks since starting TBH. Once I completely let her go, and trusted the process. Everything shifted. My wife noticed all of the changes organically. She managed herself coming home. Stay strong, be masculine, be consistent, be the bowl. This experience had definitely turned my world and relationship around. I’m not only using the tools in my marriage, but in how I interact with others on a daily basis.

All this in 5 weeks… not the first and not the last of such a success story!

The Bulletproof Husband™ science works brother.

If you gamble, would you want to do so with the highest probability of wining?

Obviously yes.

You would want to maximize your chances.

Nor guarantees of course ever… but you can and should maximize the odds in your favor.

When it comes to marriage challenges, with all the stuff bombarded at you, making the right decisions can be difficult.

and overwhelming.

But one thing that breaks that noise every time no matter how over-bombarded you get is…


Unfiltered. As is. No BS.

Nothing beats that.

Because at the end of the day when you see testimonials of a “gamble”… guess what?

It gives you the confidence to make the leap of faith that this “gamble” is the right one for you.

Just in case you are still not convinced, here’s another recent testimonials from one of our members:

Making progress. Just got below text from my wife. She was responding to the mini BPA.

“Thank you for your heartfelt letter. It’s as if your heart was speaking directly to me. Your words were so real and true.

You are the most important person in my life right now. And I wouldn’t have said that before.

It seems that you are becoming a beautiful, beautiful person. You have soul now, it’s like you are becoming real. All I can think of is the Velveteen Rabbit, if you know that story :).

I need to leave our marriage. I don’t have a want or need to leave You. I’m sure for some that is too muddled or “new age” divorce or whatever. It’s simply how I feel.

I love you.”

Still not convinced? All good, here’s another one

So, big fruit from a big win today. I haven’t said anything about my wife’s rings (engagement, wedding and 10yrs anniversary) in over a month. I’ve been a rock solid bowl (99% of the time) this morning I looked down, my 4 yr old was playing with my wife’s had, her rings that haven’t been there in months, were on her hand. They may disappear tomorrow or remain there forever, it won’t change me or my path. The fruit, my wife is wearing her rings again. The win, I’ve been consistent (not perfect) in being a rock solid bowl. Still have a lot of work ahead of me but celebrating the road this far.

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