Thoughts on Getting Your Wife to Love You Again

I am 35 years old and not really a “doctor” going person.

Might be old school thinking but if you want to find a problem and you really look for it…you will.

However, my wife (who is 4 years older and wiser than me) really wanted me to do a general check up in my mid-30s.

So here I am waiting for some blood work at the doctor’s recommendation.

Anyhow, as I am sitting here waiting and writing to you, I thought about “general check up for your marriage” and the question came to me…

Do you have the confidence and the courage to look at your marriage?

See, I may not be proactive to visit the doctor, but it’s not because of fear or anxiety.

It is simply because I listen to my body and believe that if something is up my body will let me know.

And if my wife says you should do a check up, I will because I appreciate her commitment to my health. I don’t let ego get in the way. And in a way, she is part of my “intangible” body.

No different in marriage.

The average wife gives signals for 2+ years to a husband. You need to understand this and consider it a fact.

Is your wife giving you signals but you are avoiding them?

Perhaps turning a blind eye because you don’t attribute importance to it?

Or maybe you are afraid of what you might discover and rather stay in your comfort zone?

These are important questions to do introspection on my brother.

There is a TBH member whose bday is coming up.

2 years ago when he joined TBH his wife didn’t even acknowledge his bday.

This year…in 2022…she planned a whole trip with different events and a date.

What’s the difference other than the 2 years of time?

The work he has done for himself and the leadership he consistently demonstrates to his wife and children.

Bringing this today for anyone that needs to hear it. You are exactly where you need to be. Today, 9/13/22 is the 2-year anniversary of my wife managing me to move out of the house after 20 years of marriage.

I celebrate today, as the first day that she started to miss the man, husband and father that I had become.

We started dating again a few months later…

What is missing is the missing.

…and we have a dinner date tonight!

P.S. Are you ready for your “marriage check up”? Let us be your “marriage doctor” for this so that you can be in the game you are meant to be in!

Book a call with one of our “marriage specialists”.

In take form here.

Or let’s get right to the hospital if you already have pain!

Hospital entrance here.

P.P.S. Here is a bonus milestone story from a man only 1 month in:

WIN – So before TBH, I was a SUPER controlling husband. I didn’t realize it at the time because, in my mind, controlling was something completely different. TBH really opened my eyes to how controlling I have been and how suffocating that has been to my wife and why I got the SLAP.

Fast-forward to today (only a month in the program): my wife is at the beach with her friends (one of which is her EA). She sent me a picture where they all got matching tattoos. The old me (even a month ago) would have gone ballistic that she didn’t run that by me first or at least mention it to me, but I’m here to tell you this program works. I remained the bowl and she opened up to me a lot and we have been texting back and forth all morning. I’m becoming a better man and a better father and my wife is starting to notice

You can’t control those that you love (take it from someone who tried), but you CAN encourage them and support their decisions. Stay strong men!

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