Made Love 8 Times in the Three Days and Our Relationship Is Flourishing

Let me share our latest success story of a TBH member who really wanted to cut corners because he was frustrated and desperate.

Didn’t work so well for him until he got with the program, stopped skipping steps and followed the science we gave him…

Look what that did for him!

Gents I haven’t been that active on the sessions and Facebook page lately but TBH has really helped me be a better man.

I had limited faith when I started and I just wanted the play book to fast track getting my wife back.

When I finally did the work I started to see dividends and as of this week my wife has stayed at the house for 3 days straight. We have made love 8 times in the three days and our relationship is flourishing and we are constantly kissing and loving on each other and the family dynamic is amazing with our 4 kids.

I’m leading and she’s managing and whilst not totally out of the woods yet we are making enormous and encouraging strides to rebuilding a new marriage

Thanks TBH I owe you everything

When you truly get that the way to go fast is to go slow, remarkable things can happen, like sex 8 times in 3 days. Talk about fixing a broken relationship

And people say passion and love cannot be reignited after a wife wants divorce….pffff…yeah right.

It very much can.

But not when you haven’t dealt with your anger my brother.

No woman wants to be with an angry man.


Because it is not safe for her.

And remember safety and security is the most important for any woman in a relationship.

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