Husbands Who Rebuilt their Marriage Did so Because They Moved onto Internal Transformation

I saw a video online the other day – genuinely forget who said it but it was along the lines of:

Most people say money can’t buy you happiness. And this guy said, yes it can… if you give it away.

It resonated with me.

Not from a money perspective but the giving away part.

I think it applies to life in general AND marriage.

When you can be of service to your wife instead of trying to be helpful it truly shifts the dynamics.

Because to be of service you have to:

Be present to see what service is required
Give away your time without any direction from her
Have 0 expectations in return
Have the courage to initiate the service

Just realized as I am wiring this that so many husbands who have successfully rebuilt their marriage regardless of separation or cheating or if they were already divorced…

They did so because they moved onto internal transformation which led to being of service to their wife.

Listening. Hearing. Understanding. Giving freedom.

The latest example is a husband who used TBH tools he learned at their couples therapy session:

Another victory today fellas.

Had therapy together and with the little work I’ve done thru here already, we’re staring to make some strides. I’ve learned what she needs from me and that I need to continue to do better on so I can be tbh!!!

Thanks everyone for your support and appreciate this group so much!!

P.S. It sounds so weird when we say to focus on your internal compass. Move away from focusing on her.

But boy…does it work so well. Creates shifts never thought possible.

And you can too.

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