Husbands Had Their Wife Drop the Affair and Come Back through TBH

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Her first public Facebook photo of us in two years. She also told me she loved me today. So many wins. A little overwhelmed and scared I may screw it up. I will continue to work on myself as I still have bullets. But I have done so well for her not to see them. I have to continue the program.

I’ve decided that her former PA did me a favor. It made her realize how amazing I am and she would be crazy to leave me. I am so grateful for the slap.

When a relationship hits rock bottom, one of the most triggering things for a husband to get angry is when his wife has an affair.

Emotional or physical.

This gets the husband really pissed and angry (before sadness kicks in).

Natural reaction is to be pissed.

If you are experiencing this in your marriage, don’t beat yourself up.

Yes, you have to do things differently because anger doesn’t work, but treat today as a new starting point.

Don’t dwell on your past behavior AND change your approach today.

9 out of 10 affairs never make it (regardless if you rebuild a relationship with her or not).


This puts the odds very much in your favor!

Also remember, the affair partner is pretending so he can get what he wants (sex).

The curtain will fall shortly and his true self will be revealed.

That’s your time to shine and create a contrast.

If you take the steps that work, implement the tools that move the needle…then when the affair partner messes up your wife will be coming back to you.

Just like in the above testimonial.

I cannot tell you how many husbands had their wife drop the affair and come back because of the husband’s leadership and transformation through TBH.

A lot! Like really… a lot.

Can be the same for you!

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