Here’s a Recent Message from a Husband Who Restored His Marriage In a Few Months

Good Morning Guys. I hope you both are well on this beautiful morning. The Sun is shining bright here in upstate NY and I can’t wait to see what this day has to offer. I could write a book right now on my experiences the last three months, but I will spare you both, as you both are fully aware of the power and possibilities that BPH creates.

I have only been a member since middle to late May, but have somehow managed to completely restore my marriage. I committed and listened to every recording many, many, many times over, grabbing new tidbits each time. I quickly grieved the marriage, as I was no longer “in love” with my wife. I just completely let go and gave space. Never pushed an ounce. Just completely self examined myself, set clear terms, pulled bullets, built confidence and became a rock solid bowl and listener. I developed genuine interest and curiosity for my wife and let her manage everything. And manage she has. She’s amazing!! She has come back to me, rather than me “winning” her back. It is truly remarkable. I thank you Craig for being my go to guy, and I thank you Endre for creating this life changing program. I’m only 3 1/2 month in and marriage is completely restored, but I’m going nowhere. I’m hungry and so excited for what’s next.

I’ve reached out to some close friends and my own Son to bring some awareness to them that they may be missing, as I was. Women are very different creatures than men, this I’ve always known. Just how different though, I was not fully aware of until now. My Son is 23 with a one year old daughter and beautiful young family. No issues. I had a long meaningful conversation with him, enlightening him on the program and coaxing him to join from a up front preventative standpoint. Hoping he will not make some of the mistakes that I have. It’s been very uplifting. I have read many many Facebook posts but have posted nothing. I’ve never been a big social media facebooker, and have never ever posted on Facebook anywhere. But it may be my time to step into the messaging to help others.

Here I go down the road of starting a book, that I said I wouldn’t start. Thanks Guys for everything. I’ve been blessed!!

Look at all the things this husband did and clearly explained.

Sounds familiar from the last few months of emails?

All of them I have touched on and wrote to you about.

This man is not angry. This man knows how to deal with his anger which has him be able to create safety for his wife and stay consistently on the path of implementation.

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