Go from a Broken Relationship to Slow Dancing and Cuddling with the Wife

I cannot stop thinking about when the “coin drops” for a husband.

Oh shit…I need help…my wife doesn’t love me anymore…she wants to leave me…she wants nothing to do with me…AND I am making it worse by how I am reacting to it.

EVERY SINGLE HUSBAND WE HAVE EVER WORKED WITH had some form of this aha moment.

Some more harsh than others.

It’s a world shattering event for you probably as well.

And also a weight off your shoulders because now you realize you need help.

Truth is that if your marriage is not working, this “world shattering coin drop” event is not optional.

It’s not an IF it will happen. It’s a WHEN it will happen (I get it, it might already happened for you)

And at that point there are 2 options for you:

  1. F*** it and blame her without taking any responsibility for your part in the situation
  2. You grab it by the balls and face the situation and do what’s needed to get the help and support

The first one is a weak emotional decision.

The second one requires strength and a sense of humbleness.

And the 2nd one is much harder because you have to put your ego aside (ego is one of the reasons you are in the situation in the first place).

And when you do that, cool things happen…like from broken relationship to slow dancing and cuddling with the wife.

So last night my wife and I had an amazing time. Had some drinks, played a slot machine together and when we came to the room changed and flirted a lot more.

We ended up at one point slow dancing together in the room, we be laughed, made fun of ourselves, cuddled. All with no expectations at all.

She brought up relationship and I listened. She’s still a bit nervous but more accepting. We both woke up at 4 am just a lot of shit on our minds. She said you’re awake I looked at her said ya you ar too lol. We were sleeping in separate beds,we sat up and talked. She said man it’s cold in here like 5 times back to back. So I got up and she slid over in her bed and we layed down at 630 together. Layed cuddled up till 930 and finally slept.

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