By Learning to Take Responsibility for Your Side, the Probability of Your Wife or Ex-Wife Following

Anytime you achieved something great… something that took your life to the next level…

It always felt uncomfortable right before. Very uncomfortable.

You were nervous. Unsure. Doubting even.

All natural feelings and state of mind.

Getting your driver license. First exam in high school or university. First job interview. Your wedding.

List goes on.

Understanding this is important because then you know that anytime you feel discomfort there is something great on the other side once you push through. 

Deciding to work on your marriage even though your feelings are hurt or dictate otherwise is no different.

When you get that it’s just your ego trying to protect itself, then you can shift your context and really be open to being responsible for your side of the marriage not working. 

That doesn’t mean your wife doesn’t have any responsibility.

But that’s for her to control and decide to do something about.

And when you learn how to take responsibility for your side and lead the way, the probability of your wife following sky rockets.

Because finger pointing, blaming and being a victim will do NOTHING for you. Guaranteed. 

Just like this husband who is now starting to date his wife because he has been consistently doing the work for 6 months to go from wife wanting out to this.

Well guys hoping for first date in 6 months taking her to see Robert plant sat she text me every day this week got a peck on the lips praying for an intimate evening great music hall

P.S. So many husbands have been where you are and they wouldn’t have achieved success like these unless they followed a specific, step-by-step, psychologically proven method in their madness of confusion and chaos. You can too!

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