Broken Relationship to Ass Flirting?

What do you think of this?

Wife: “oh man, look at the cut on my toe… wait why are you looking at my ass?”

Me: “I’m actually not looking at your ass now, I’ll do that when you walk away from me”

Wife: smiles, rolls eyes and walks to her truck

Me: I let her walk away about 10 feet… “Now I’m looking at your ass!”

She smiles but didn’t fully turn around at me… That’s one for the win column MOFO’s!!!

How does a husband go from a broken relationship to ass flirting?

Well, was he or was he not using ego?

Yes he was, but in a healthy balanced way by boosting his wife up to his level of ego as per my email yesterday!

He wasn’t egotistical but rather “ego-strategic”.

When you start to understand that an out of balance ego has zero space in marriage, you can actually begin to use it in a strategic way to rebuild your relationship.

Then add some playfulness to it after having done some of the basics on yourself and you get the above.

To achieve this you must be emotionally self-sufficient so that your ego is not dependent on your wife.

Then and only then can you leverage ego in your marriage in a healthy way.

P.S. Are you constantly triggered by your wife? Does your ego constantly feel threatened by what your wife says or does? No matter how much you try, do you still do the things in your marriage that you know don’t work causing you to be out of control?

If your answer is yes to any of these, there is a clear solution with laid out steps and plans. Scientific steps that have proven time and time again to work.

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