A Husband’s Game For Life = Trivial Pursuit

Good evening Bulletproof Husband™s,

John and Endre here again to talk to you about our take on the game "Trivial Pursuit". Trivial Pursuit is a board game in which winning is determined by a player’s ability to answer general knowledge and popular culture questions.

Most husbands go through this game with their woman … they go through the pursuit stage, the trivial stage and then the bored stage! … and eventually the gathering dust stage because they just do not play anymore!

Well that is all about to change men. The pursuit of your woman is far from trivial and so very far from boring if you apply this simple rule:

"Pursue her like you did when you first met, or someone else will!"

Women want to be desired, regardless of whether you are tired (of her) or not. Think about it for a minute; a female approaches you, tells you how handsome you are, how funny you are, how intelligent you are, whatever it is, I can guarantee you that you feel good about yourself.

Now imagine how your highly emotional woman would feel if you pursued her like you did when you were trying to convince her that you were the man for her! She would be all over it…and eventually all over you!

So, begin by sending her flowers at her work place with the "I can not believe how lucky I am to have you in my life" note (or your more personal note!)

Want to know if you are successful?

Here are the signs indicating that you are:

  • Less of her bursting your balls about stupid stuff
  • More sex
  • You will either overhear her speaking to her friends about you or one of her friends will tell you the great things she is saying about you
  • Her friend’s husband will ask you how you manage to stay out of the "dog house" so well as he seems to live in his these days.

Men, it is not rocket science, just do the simple things really really well!

Oh, and it’s all about consistency – it’s not a one time gig, it’s for life 😉

Over and out,

The Bulletproof Husband™ Team.

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